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 We help deep tech startups set to be real game changers in Quantum technologies. Together, let’s create better processes and more sustainable projects.

We have choose Switzerland to develop our activities, specifically the Olympic city of Lausanne. It's very close to the campus of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) where we have our operational headquarters. This location in the center of Europe and its business-friendly orientation provide us a security environment for our investors. It is also where we have most of the advisory team.


a Deep Tech Nation

In the Global Innovation Index 2018, Switzerland has been holding the top position since 2011. Reasons for this include the strong collaboration between universities and industry in terms of research as well as the political and regulatory environment. Switzerland is also considered one of the rising deep tech nations. In a study by Wavestone, Switzerland ranks seventh when it comes to access to funding for deep tech companies. Furthermore, the startup hub of EPFL saw great growth in 2018. The number of funding rounds rose from 26 to 92, which is the highest rise amongst all major hubs in Europe, according to a report from corporate consulting firm EY.



The Quantum Revolution Fund is the corporate venturing fund of Quantum Ventures.

€ 300K - 5M
Ticket size

Technology as a force for good

We are a strategic partner for deep tech startups and invest in trailblazing companies that are changing the face of modern innovation. Are you one of them?

We support exceptional and talented companies through investments and acquisitions.

Q-OPEN innovation

Deep tech startups taking on the challenges of Quantum industry.

Equity free

Real open innovation

Aimed at deep tech startups that respond to specific challenges from Quantum Ventures to meet a need with high commercial potential within the areas of Quantum industry. We will help you validate your solutions and challenge you to exceed your limits.



We invest in deep tech startups of high disruptive value in the areas to the Quantum industry.

EUR +100K - 500K
Ticket size

We are looking for companies that have developed a scalable product and would benefit from our global network of customers and partners. You will work with a team who have extensive experience in scaling startups and developing businesses.


In the Q-Open Innovation program we accept a maximum of 5 participants per year.

Registration for the 2021 program is now open.

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